Rent Collection and Financial Reporting

Rent Collection:

  • Monthly collection of rent and issuance of appropriate late notices/fees to tenants
  • File for and follow through with eviction for failure to pay rent/damages, if necessary, to minimize owner losses.
  • Negotiation between the long-term best interests of the owner and best interests of tenants during extraordinary circumstances.
  • Filing in Small Claims Court for non-payment of rent or damages to protect owner’s interest when deemed appropriate.
  • Maximize potential recovery, when deemed appropriate, by referral of bad debt accounts to collection agency.

­Financial Reporting:

  • Proper trust account procedures regarding the handling of receipts, payment of invoices and signing of checks in accordance with NC State Law
  • Direct Deposit of monthly rent checks
  • Monthly Owner’s Statement displaying each rental unit’s income and itemized lines of monthly expenses
  • Private Online Owner Portals with 24/7 access to current and past monthly Owner’s Statements
  • End of the year 1099’s along with a Property Statement reflecting all property activity for the year for owner tax filing

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